French luxury brand Hermès pulls in $2.7 million in a day at a flagship store in China as wealthy shoppers splurge after the coronavirus lockdown


French high-fashion retailer Hermès brought in 19 million renminbi, or $2.7 million, on the day its flagship store reopened in China’s southern city of Guangzhou, according to a report by Women’s Wear Daily, citing multiple sources.

Hermès – known for its handbags and silk scarves – received a shipment of rare bags, including a diamond-studded Himalaya Birkin, the report stated.

Wealthy people from across the Guangdong province, with its capital city Guangzhou, turned up at the store last Saturday to make purchases of its tableware, shoes, furniture and leather goods.

The single-day sales tally of $2.7 million, as per WWD, is reportedly the highest figure for a single boutique in China.

The sizeable amount is indicative that Chinese consumers, including spenders on luxury goods, are ready to begin shopping again after the easing of the coronavirus-related lockdown.

Hermès could not immediately be reached for confirmation of the sales figure.

Guangdong, which neighbors Hong Kong, had been placed under partial lockdown in early February and is the worst-hit province after Hubei with 1,532 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 8 fatalities.

China’s lockdown officially ended in Wuhan on April 8 and the city’s transportation hubs have resumed operations. Travelers were seen wearing protective gear including face masks, goggles, and even full-body coveralls in some instances while buying tickets and going through security.

Article courtesy of Shalini Nagarajan, Business Insider US

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